tampon tax

Private members' motion urges federal government to take action.
Menstruation is a natural occurrence in every woman's life, and yet, it is shrouded in some type of feminine mystery. Women will spend about 3,000 days of her life menstruating, and yet almost none talking about it. Girls are often taught from a young age that their cycle is their secret, not something to be openly discussed.
Provincial sales tax will be removed from products starting July 1.
Happy Menstrual Hygiene Day, Canadian women — and as your gift, please accept a complete lack of tax on your pads and tampons.
"Everyone in this House agrees that this $36 million tax grab on women is unfair."
"This is an non-optional tax that's borne by only half the population"
Post-pubescent and pre-menopausal women get their periods once a month. This is a fact. Another fact? Menstrual products
Items like contact lenses, orthotics and incontinence products are exempt from the goods and services tax (GST) in Canada