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tax avoidance

Having dealings with CRA for three decades, you form an opinion. I wish I had good news for Canadian taxpayers.
Canada and Mongolia approved the arrangement, parent company Rio Tinto says.
The dispute with Canada Revenue could cost the retailer as much as $404 million.
There is "mass public opposition to corporate tax avoidance."
All but four of the largest TSX-listed companies are "doing business" in known tax havens.
With the number of people calling themselves corporations tripling between 2001 and 2014, the time to act is now.
According to recent media reports based on the Panama Papers, some see Canada as a tax haven. It may seem unlikely when you are reviewing how much tax you paid to the government in 2016 but evidently, our reputation and economy is a good venue for hiding wealth.
The money that pour into tax havens does not stay there, but is invested in various countries. However, any financial flow through a tax haven makes it tax-free, and any return on it tax-free as well. Corporations and wealthy individuals invest their finances through tax havens to avoid paying taxes or reduce their tax burden. Canada is no more immune to it than any other country.
“I’m not going to stand up and say the economy grew by 26 per cent.”