Tories want an end to the "war on work" and an overhaul of the tax system.
Making more money can mean losing benefits aimed at alleviating poverty.
Ministers want tech companies to pay their “fair share” of taxes.
Companies replacing humans with machines would be forced to pay.
The rich lost a yacht-load of money in the markets, even as their incomes continued to grow.
“When our neighbours do better, we all do better," said Jagmeet Singh.
Now that Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, should we prepare for an onslaught of Americans moving north and buying Canadian homes? Don't bank on it. Americans cannot just pick up and move here because they don't like their new president.
The underground economy is toxic. It costs jobs, makes it harder for above-board businesses to compete and ruins faith in our tax system. It can also leave you holding the bag when you get sub-par results or someone gets burned in a cash deal. But there is something we can all do, and it's simple.
Now that B.C. has introduced a 15-per-cent foreign buyers' tax intended to calm real estate purchases by non-Canadian residents, speculation is rampant that similar legislation is on its to Ontario -- or more specifically, Toronto. Like their counterparts in Vancouver, realtors in Toronto want nothing to do with such action.