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The traditional RRSP wasn't meant for the age of precarious work. But there is an alternative.
New eligibility criteria have stripped many Canadians of crucial benefits.
As the government bungles going digital, paper filing seems to be getting even harder for honest taxpayers.
MPs from the NDP, Bloc Quebecois, and Greens voted with the government.
The 2017 federal small business tax fight created a lot of anger and disappointment. More than a year later, the feelings haven't gone away.
Not only are these subsidies utterly useless from an economic point of view, they are destructive to the environment.
For many Canadians, the CRA already has all of the information they need to complete our tax return.
Bitcoins and other digital currencies are viewed as a commodity, where any gains or losses could be taxable income or capital for the taxpayer.
If this government is truly serious about attracting foreign investors to Canada, the recipe isn't complicated: reduce taxes and streamline regulation.
Many low-income households are hesitant to file taxes as they often mistakenly believe they'll have to pay the government rather than get money back.