TD Bank

Businesses are learning to adapt to lockdowns, economists say.
One Canadian family received $80 for a $6,000 claim after they were forced to cancel their Mediterranean cruise at the start of the pandemic.
Government support has helped big-time, but it's scheduled to end, and the pandemic isn't over.
The longer the economic shock from COVID-19 goes on, the higher the risk households will become insolvent, the Bank of Canada warned.
TD Bank sees home prices rising 6% this year, even amid massive job losses.
The move makes it easier for buyers to qualify for a home in Canada.
The LGBTQ community and Canadians with disabilities are among the most financially vulnerable, data shows.
The country could find itself economically segregated if current trends aren't stopped, a new analysis from TD Economics warns.
But getting rid of it would mean a return to overheated house prices, a new report says.
If things don't change, we may need policies targeting "trouble spots," Beata Caranci says.