The premier was responding to a question about the Toronto District School Board.
The challenge might be a hoax, but it's still important to be careful.
Students at schools with median family incomes exceeding $150,000 per year are most likely to meet provincial math standards. What about everyone else?
My daughter's robotics team doesn't accept that restricting Canadian freedoms is the way to respond to U.S. policy aimed at foreign nations.
The move comes after activists called on the Ontario government to end the police presence.
It's been working on the move for a few years.
TDSB chair Robin Pilkey said the new guidebook will not make any reference to politics.
School Wi-Fi networks were being taxed by students using popular services.
The board says the move is temporary.
For now, it will move forward with the 24 U.S. trips that have already been approved, but the entire group will turn back if any students with appropriate documentation are turned away.