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teacher bc strike

The teachers who have taught us for five years -- coached our basketball teams, directed the plays, stayed after class, volunteered their time to help run events and fundraise for charity, believed in us when no one else did -- will not be able to be at our grad events to congratulate us and enjoy our last few moments of high school.
To the student who would overthrow the ball in baseball (but not make it obvious) so our autistic student could get on base. This is my strike pay. To have students say they are my kids and even give me Mother's Day gifts because they think of me as important, like a mom. This is my strike pay.
In the same way that I call "bullshit" on adults who say they are fighting for the children in a high-conflict divorce, I call "bullshit" on the situation between the BCTF and the government. They are not fighting for the rights of the children. This is not an altruistically driven stance in which there is a high moral ground.
I take ingredients from my own family's pantry and fridge so we can bake, make playdough, create senses-stimulating art projects, and learn about nutrition in a hands-on way. I am not compensated for the money I spend educating B.C. students as a result of government underfunding.
As teachers walked the picket lines in Langley, B.C. on Friday, one parent was inside a school teaching some students herself
Although I fully support my teaching colleagues, I am also a parent. My three kids attend the same neighbourhood school in which I teach Grade 3. I know how valuable the learning is that takes place in June and I wanted my own children to have a solid end to the year. I believe children need powerful endings as much as they need strong beginnings and for this reason, I voted no.
I wish I had more teaching experience or lesson plans from years past to fall back on, but I don't. I struggle to keep things together, and all the inspiration I've built over the past year is slowly being eroded away. I try to put on a smiling face for my students, but my morale is taking a beating. This isn't what I signed up for.
We legally aren't allowed to help students during lockout hours, nor are we allowed to be in the building. This is not a teacher choice. If we are at school working during these times, we're trespassing. It's why you'll see many of us having lunch on the curb. We aren't picketing during lunch. We're eating.
It's a triage situation every day, and all the while, teachers must continue to create equitable and optimal conditions for learning. For many students, school is their safe, happy place; weekends and holidays are unpredictable.
Why won't a single member of Christy Clark's government stand up for the importance of public education? Were our current MLAs not once students themselves? Are they afraid they'll get kicked out of the cool kid club? Does she tell them what to wear? How to do their hair? Who to sit with at lunch? I know a high school clique when I see one.