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Technology News

The information technology industry is one of America's most thriving sectors, according to a plethora of industry experts
Traditionally known for paper printing, TPH introduced their 3D printing studio last November; intent on embracing modern change and 3D printing accessibility for clients. Taking on the service direction of both B2B and B2C requires the ability to be adaptable as heck, as well as hold an array of the right equipment and design knowledge.
There are worse things he could be addicted to. It could have been drugs, sex, porn, or the Candy Crush Saga. With my husband, who is a straight up sort of guy, it was computer science.
Startup Calgary is all about community building with their main goal to bring the IT based startup community in Calgary closer together.
Technology is giving new meaning to girl power. While it's commonly believed men are the tech industry’s most coveted market
At very least, I suspect Google+ will emerge as a central social media hub for lawyers and businesses. Its video conferencing capability is certainly going to be extremely tempting. The virtual courtroom, for example, could be much closer to reality than we think.