tegan and sara

Their new Christmas song “Make You Mine This Season” was written for the new Kristen Stewart movie, “Happiest Season.”
Sara said the award gala made her put on a blazer for the first time in months.
The show will be based on the Canadian duo’s high school experience in Calgary in the ‘90s.
The twins get real about self-hate and finding salvation in music.
Even YouTube's own pride campaign is filtered out for younger viewers.
Junos, do better.
The CBC is suffering from a series of funding cuts implemented by the federal government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The 2012 federal budget cut $115 million from the CBC over three years. While this has negative consequences for all Canadians as this national institution is forced to cut jobs and scale back its reach and scope, the country's music and arts communities, in particular, stand to lose. In many cases, it's already happening.
Since the turn of the millennium, Canada has been a leading exporter of world-class indie rock. While there have always been
Everything is cool when you're part of a team, especially if it involves a combination of Tegan and Sara, The Lonely Island