Canada is at risk of "regulatory capture" in its telecom industry, TekSavvy is arguing.
The Liberals promised to reduce plan prices by 25% within two years.
Canada's relationship with China has been tested by the arrest of Huawei's chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou.
Rogers, Bell and Telus must reduce costs by 25 per cent in two years.
Consumer advocacy group OpenMedia called Darren Entwistle's comments "bullying."
More calls were about Bell services than any other provider.
A service outage that started with Rogers also disrupted Bell, Telus and Freedom Mobile.
The CRTC expects telecoms to have them readily available by April 2019.
"Affordable plans are critical to ensuring that everyone in Canada is able to participate in our digital society."
Sasktel and Videotron ranked highest for internet service.