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temporary foreign workers program

Two whistle-blowers who exposed problems with Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker program are nervously awaiting a government
Employment Minister Jason Kenney says he considered shutting down the Temporary Foreign Worker Program altogether but has
An Iranian couple are going public about how a B.C. business charged them $15,000 to come to Canada — a violation of the
The foreign workers we hire are not just low-skilled employees who work for minimum wage. They are the driving force behind our organization. It is these very same foreign workers who actually create the opportunity for many Canadian employees to find and keep jobs.
The B.C. company that sought a "probably Caucasian" candidate in a recent job posting has updated the online ad with an apology
The Alberta Federation of Labour is calling out a job contractor for backing out on its promise to rehire workers from an
Two former employees of a Tim Hortons in small-town British Columbia say their employer took advantage of their status as
The federal government announced recently that they would be conducting more stringent and warrantless inspections of workplaces in order to crack down on human rights abuses and illegal practices. This news comes after years of scathing criticism of the human rights abuses within the Temporary Foreign Worker program.
Alberta recently announced on June 20, 2013, that temporary foreign workers who have been employed within Canada for a minimum of two years are eligible to self-nominate themselves for the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program.
The fight by two labour unions against a company that hired more than 200 temporary workers from China for its coal mine