Temporary Foreign Workers

An auditor's report had found a lack of oversight.
Employers are hiring low-paid foreign workers without proving no Canadians were available to do the job.
In November, 2016 the Government of Canada released changes to the Express Entry ranking system. The changes do not benefit applicants with full-time, permanent and "eligible" job offers, but do benefit applicants that have completed post-secondary education in Canada.
“We require — and will require — top experienced global talent."
For 10 years, 20, maybe 40 years, you spend more of your life away from your family than with them. You pay into that country's taxes and employment insurance programs, but you are denied access to any benefits. You're seen as a labour commodity, not a person -- permanently "temporary," forever a "foreigner."
They've integrated, so they should stay, the report said.
Upcoming free trade deals could accelerate the trend.
MaryAnn Mihychuk's officials told her it was inevitable that companies would need temporary foreign workers to proceed with energy projects in Western Canada.
Canada's labour shortages are evaporating.
Liberals seek highest growth possible for Chinese investment, migrants.