teranet house price index

A "soft landing" is still the likeliest scenario, the National Bank of Canada says.
Tough new rules seem to be catching up with a long-overheated market.
Toronto house prices could be coming down soon, Capital Economics predicts.
Toronto's price surge will end this year, Capital Economics predicts.
But a number of cities saw house prices fall last month.
The cure for irrationality may be a mortgage rate hike.
Prices aren't spiking everywhere. Good news?
Equifax will combine credit histories, ratings, and mortgage information with Teranet's database of property values to offer lenders and financial institutions an assessment of a borrower's debt-to-asset value and home equity. This RESL metric will help lenders measure risk in the real estate market, allowing them to determine if they want to lend or not.
The rush ahead of new mortgage rules will continue until the summer, NBF says.