tess holliday model

The model breastfeed her seven-month-old son during the march in L.A.
And the name is oh-so-cute.
The social networking giant blocked the ad for Melbourne's "Cherchez La Femme: Feminism and Fat" starring the model.
"Tell them to 'f*ck off' with their unsolicited advice about what's 'best' for you & your baby."
"When there's young girls that are searching the term plus-size, that's the identifier to find someone that looks like them, to feel like they belong, to feel like they fit in and that they're not alone."
"I would have only been so lucky being a teenage girl seeing women embrace their bodies of all shapes, of all sizes, and realizing I didn't have to be ashamed of mine."
Eff your beauty standards.
She's a not so happy Holliday gift for Victoria's Secret
"No shame with being plus."
Bringing #effyourbeautystandards to the mainstream.