The Revenant

Whether you are a fan of the film industry or not, we can all take time to appreciate the beauty of Canadian nature.
"Another Oscar-winning production was filmed right here in Alberta."
This year, Canadian films and talent earned 21 Academy Award nominations.
We're so confident in our picks, we ate Scotch bonnet peppers to back it up.
Maybe this is the year for Leo.
It's not easy being Leonardo DiCaprio. While preaching that fossil fuel use is triggering a global climate catastrophe, Leo hops around the world on fuel-guzzling private jets. "If we do not act together, we will surely perish," he tells the United Nations. I'll say it again: Leo has a hard time aligning his message with his actions.
Did I watch the Critics' Choice Awards or the Mad Max: Fury Road Awards? I think it was the latter of the two, because the film took home all of the awards -- and when I say all of the awards, I mean all of the awards.
The nomination list has probably made its way into your life, whether it be via a series of live-tweets from a room filled with members of the press or articles filled with obnoxious opinions (read: this one). So, I figured that I would take this opportunity to share my thoughts slash predictions for the upcoming Academy Awards.
"When a Hollywood celebrity like that reaches out to the world and acknowledges us First Nations people like that, that means something."