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Mulcair twice relayed fears Thursday that Canada could become more “war-like” if Stephen Harper wins again.
The NDP leader is highlighting his party's pacifist roots.
Harper was responding to question period attacks by both the NDP and Liberals, who say the Conservatives misled people about
Justin Trudeau was again put on the hot seat this week over his opposition to Canada's mission in Iraq, this time thanks
The U.S. military is not using its special forces operators in front line positions, an American spokesman confirmed Tuesday
The last few weeks have been characterized by nearly relentless political pressure on the Conservatives to detail plans for
After two days of debate, the motion to launch a combat mission against the militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the
A Conservative promise of up to $10 million for victims of sexual violence at the hands of the extremist Islamic State of
The House of Commons stands poised to approve a motion, likely on Tuesday, that would deploy six fighter-bombers, two CP
But both the Opposition New Democrats and the Liberals balked, citing the last 10 years of Canadian experience in similar