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Tim Bosma

Could a site like Kijiji be found liable for the wrongful death of Tim Bosma? The question is not trivial as enormous numbers of people, previously unknown to each other, now meet online to trade goods, services or find a new boyfriend or girlfriend.
Mark Smich, the second suspect in the Tim Bosma murder, made a brief appearance at a Hamilton courthouse on Thursday morning
Tim Bosma's wife broke down in tears Wednesday as she gave an emotional speech at the memorial ceremony for her dead husband
Hamilton Police have arrested Mark Smich, 25, of Oakville, Ont., in connection with the death of Tim Bosma. Superintendent
This week has been an emotional roller coaster for Canadians who follow the news. Lost in the shuffle were two stories that were of no particular importance, relatively speaking, to Canadians. One of them is about the way well-heeled Manhattan moms have worked the lineup system at Disney by hiring a disabled person to be a "family member" for the day.
By now, most Ontario residents and probably many Canadians, are aware of the tragic discovery of Tim Bosma's burned body on a rural property in Kitchener, Ont. It's filled the news and Twitter feeds, as media pundits and ordinary folks struggle to make sense of a story that is seemingly incomprehensible. Unfortunately, the level of discourse has been less-than civil. The problem is that social media magnifies every online windbag's big mouth a thousand-fold by providing them with anonymity as effective as Harry Potter's invisibility cloak and a global audience with which to share their bile.
Dellen Millard, arrested in connection with missing Ontario man Tim Bosma, is a “polite, reserved and humble guy,” his lawyer
Hamilton Police released more information Friday on Tim Bosma, an Ancaster, Ont., man who disappeared after giving two strangers