tim hortons

The new "Roll up to Win" will be available through loyalty cards or the Tim Hortons app.
Customers will be able to pay a refundable deposit and receive their order in reusable cups and packaging.
Before the anti-Black racism protests, the plan was to have one doll.
The chain said it recently updated the app to limit location data to only when guests have it open.
It's part of the province's efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 as the province reopens.
They got all the details right, from the drive-thru to the doughnut selection.
"Thank you so much for your dedication to keeping us all safe," they wrote.
The Ontario government has been asking businesses to help drivers.
The chain says it wants to "contribute to social distancing that has been called for by public health officials."
The company's swapping paper tabs for a safer digital alternative.