Police are asking anyone with information to come forward.
The city's mayor is urging calm.
They were vacationing in the resort town of Tulum.
Alberta's Ministry of Health confirmed the two provinces had come to an agreement so Amy Savill would not have to pay thousands of dollars.

Amy Savill went into labour two months early while vacationing with her family in northern Ontario.
The employees left and called police, who arrived within minutes.
For crying out loud, I continue to be astonished with our collective Canadian obsession over the Klondike Gold Rush while northern Ontario's rich and vibrant mining history is completely ignored by the Toronto media establishment, especially the CBC.
A team of scientists has uncorked what may be the oldest water on the planet -- a sprawling reservoir buried deep beneath
TIMMINS, Ont. - A tourist attraction celebrating country-pop singer Shania Twain has officially become a $10-million money
As of Jan. 30, singer Shania Twain will no longer be "the one" in Timmins, Ontario as the Shania Twain Centre will close