tiny houses

The Quebec company behind the mobile abode wants it to be extra toasty.
Inspired by Standing Rock, Secwepemc Nation is taking a stand.
The tiny house movement is growing in popularity because it allows people to build homes that are more environmentally sustainable. Being compact, tiny houses require you to parse down your possessions for a simpler, cheaper lifestyle.
With 30 plus years of construction experience on his side, Steve Zaleschuk started his business, Finished Right Contracting last fall. He educated himself on the tiny home movement, researched materials, and tiny home building plans, developed a website, and simply got to work. He hasn't looked back since.
"The idea is to raise awareness of the situation.''
"One House, Many Nations."
There is something disturbing about the way local media continues to laud people for moving into smaller and smaller spaces simply because they can't afford anything else.
In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, housing in Canada is getting expensive. The average price of a home in Canada, including
If you haven’t been stuck under a rock for the past several years, you likely know just how astronomical Toronto house prices