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The federal council, made up of about 100 New Democrats from across Canada, is considered the party's governing body.
"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."
This is the second video of Mulcair praising the former British prime minister that has come to light.
Nearly two dozen NDP riding associations are urging the party to embrace the manifesto's plan.
The NDP is now the third party in the House of Commons, holding 44 seats — down from 95 seats in the previous parliament.
"It's something where you have to look deep inside."
The government promised to raise the CBC's budget by $150 million.
The soul-searching is underway among members of the NDP after the stunning collapse of their vote in the federal election.
The NDP's Tom Mulcair seeks to build on the electoral success Jack Layton built. Can he do it?
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has penned an open letter to public servants as his party and the New Democrats fight to woo federal government workers in target ridings such as Ottawa Centre.