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toronto flood

The association warned parents to keep their children indoors.
We can no longer count on storm water and sewage systems to reliably keep water out of our streets, backyards and basements.
A summer rainstorm blew into the GTA and southern Ontario on Tuesday. Global Toronto has this footage from a camera in Toronto's
A major storm hit Toronto Tuesday evening and the photos coming in social media are nothing short of terrifying. The storm
The July 8 flooding that resulted from a severe thunderstorm in the GTA region was the most expensive natural disaster in
Recently, Toronto was slammed with heavy storms and flash floods. Suddenly I had a flashback to my youth. It was 1996 and our family was living in Manila, The Philippines. My dad, who was out doing mission work in squatter areas every day, still hadn't come home. Hours passed. We didn't have cell phones or even beepers -- no way to communicate. We waited.
Over 1,000 planners descended in Vancouver this past week at Infuse, this year's conference for the Canadian Institute of Planners. Most everyone can agree that climate change is occurring, with some debates raging over whether it is happening quickly or slowly. We reached a significant milestone this May when carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere surpassed 400 parts per million for the first time in human history. The question is no longer how we can stop climate change from happening, but what we can do to adapt and rebound from its effects, a concept called resilience.
The Toronto GO Train caught in Monday's record-setting downpour and flood became a media spectacle. Before hundreds of stuck
UPDATE: The owner of the sunken supercar has been reportedly identified as Toronto lawyer Howard A. Levitt. He describes
With essentially a month of rain descending on parts of Toronto in one hour Monday afternoon, people in the region were hit