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Toronto flooding

Plus, most flood prevention strategies are extremely expensive.
They were trapped in a flooding elevator and were quickly running out of air.
Officers had to swim down to the basement of the building to get the men out.
"If climate change is a shark, then water is its teeth." Like a fish that doesn't notice the shark until it feels its sharp bite, humans will first feel the effects of climate change through water. Under current projections, most freshwater ecosystems globally will face ecologically significant impacts by the middle of this century.
The association warned parents to keep their children indoors.
We can no longer count on storm water and sewage systems to reliably keep water out of our streets, backyards and basements.
A summer rainstorm blew into the GTA and southern Ontario on Tuesday. Global Toronto has this footage from a camera in Toronto's
A major storm hit Toronto Tuesday evening and the photos coming in social media are nothing short of terrifying. The storm
Torrential downpours overwhelmed vast areas of southern Alberta, forcing 100,000 people from their homes and causing billions
OTTAWA - Insurance executives say homeowners will never have access to comprehensive flood insurance in Canada unless there