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toronto housing sales

A money launderer and wealthy entrepreneur from abroad may both be considered "Foreign Investors" with similarly disparate outcomes. A great deal of the former (money launderers) are infiltrating a porous Canadian financial system to purchase real estate in Vancouver and Toronto and have contributed to the out of control housing prices in both cities.
But somehow, prices keep going up.
For comparison, the property was sold for $750,000 in 2005.
This is what the price gap between new homes and condos looks like in Toronto right now. That's right: it's a big, yawning
Oil prices may be wreaking havoc on real estate in Alberta's two biggest cities, but Toronto's market is still humming. January
It’s fair to say that many people looking at Toronto’s housing market have been experiencing a sort of prolonged “WTF” moment
The evidence is building that Toronto’s long-booming condo market is experiencing a sudden and sharp downturn. Market research
Toronto developers in the midst of building tens of thousands of new condo units are striving to find creative ways to attract