toronto hydro power outage

Last year, an ice storm brought down power lines throughout the city, leaving some areas of Toronto without power for weeks
___ Do: -Eat what's in your fridge, but cautiously. Refrigerated food should be safe for the first four hours you spend without
UPDATE: An extreme weather warning continues in the Toronto area and overnight, Toronto Hydro had restored power to 230,000
Toronto is recovering from a massive power outage in the wake of the ice storm Monday, but mayor Rob Ford says "the worst
Ice storm? Canadians know how to deal. Here are a few very shining examples of the Great White North we salute. Also on HuffPost
UPDATE: Power outage continues Monday but Rob Ford says no need for a state of emergency. An ice storm knocked out power
Power has been restored to thousands in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area after a wicked thunderstorm on Monday thrashed