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Toronto police

In 2011, we are many years past the point where any of the blame for sexual assault or sexual harassment should be pinned on the victim. That victims are in any way responsible is not the kind of message that police should be sending to the community and is certainly not a lesson that should be taught in schools.
A Toronto man charged with dozens of violent crimes, including the shooting deaths of four people, was "laughing" when he
There are "no reasonable grounds" to charge two Toronto police officers involved in the shooting of two people, including
CBC -- Two Toronto police officers found guilty of assaulting a disabled man have been handed 12 months of house arrest and
The G20 report does not answer those questions that embarrass rank-and-file officers and still make the average citizen shake their heads. Torontonians of all walks of life deserve better -- Chief Blair should come clean.
CBC -- Newly released G8/G20 summit documents reveal the RCMP and various Ontario police forces spent several months infiltrating
CBC -- Toronto police were overwhelmed and underprepared at times for protests that occurred during last year's G20 summit
CBC -- Toronto police said they dismantled a large marijuana grow operation in northwest Toronto, and said was one of the
THE CANADIAN PRESS — A Toronto police officer has been charged in connection with injuries suffered by a man during last