toronto snow

We're all Canadian, and with that comes Canadian weather. It should be our Canadian duty to accept the weather (especially such unremarkable weather ) with dignity and poise. Because believe me: Other parts of the country have it far, far worse.
On Tuesday, GTA students turned to Twitter to find out if the "bad weather" was enough to warrant a snow day.
And this. But of course, while we're definitely stuck in a deep freeze, other parts of Canada have it much, much worse. Like
If you're wondering, yes, Monday is the coldest Feb. 23 in Toronto history. Environment Canada said the temperature sat at
There are (at least) three ways to deal with a snowstorm in Toronto. You can whine about it; you can laugh about it; or you
Like Us On Facebook Toronto was walloped with a winter storm on Monday. Twenty-two centimetres of the white stuff fell overnight
A storm warning put in place by Environment Canada on Sunday remains in effect, and the federal weather agency warns that
A slow-moving storm is bringing heavy rain and flooding to parts of Atlantic Canada, while areas in Quebec and Ontario are
The GTA is expected to see its first real hit of winter weather starting tonight and into Thursday. Environment Canada has
Good morning. It won't be anything like the metre of snow that blanketed Buffalo yesterday and led to four deaths, but Toronto