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It’s confirmed: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in rehab and the facility is somewhere in North America, according to CBC News
TORONTO - The Toronto Star's coverage of scandal-plagued Mayor Rob Ford helped stabilize profits at parent company Torstar
Someone is looking to raise $50,000 to help Toronto Mayor Rob Ford pay his legal bills. A campaign on the crowd funding website
The Ford base is holding and it is energized. Its members are bursting at the seams to exercise their democratic rights and vote for their man who they still believe respects them, their hard-earned tax dollars and who best represents their interests. That's democracy, folks.
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg Ford's is the Canada where teenagers deal hash out of their parents' garages and play with shotguns in the basement. Where St. Patrick's Day is the biggest night of the year. Ford's going nowhere so long as his Canada has his back.
TORONTO - Canada's two largest newspapers acted responsibly and in the public interest in reporting on drug allegations against
The Vancouver Province tweeted late Thursday night that they were turning to Indiegogo, a website that raises money from
After confronting the reporter who was within a dog whistle of his property, mayor Rob Ford was quoted as saying that "every single person said I should have just cooked the guy." Well, no wonder the reporter was frightened. Who wouldn't be if they saw Ford thundering at them with that Hannibal Lecter glint in the eye and a notion that he might cook them?
When the Toronto Star's City Hall reporter, Daniel Dale, was caught snooping behind Mayor Rob Ford's home, he became frightened. When confronted, journalists don't usually yell for help, drop their camera and recorder, and run away. Maybe when facing a mob in Somalia, but not when a Toronto mayor catches you snooping. Gracious!
TORONTO - The union representing journalists and other Toronto Star employees is adding its voice to those complaining about