Toronto Winter Weather

And this. But of course, while we're definitely stuck in a deep freeze, other parts of Canada have it much, much worse. Like
Meanwhile, this is a panda playing in Toronto's meager snow-pack. Yes, it's cold. No, it's not that bad. Toronto has been
It’s a messy commute for residents of the Greater Toronto Area today with blowing snow as a concern after about five centimetres
Hello readers! Just a note that this story was published in 2014. But it's still so relevant. Oh, so very relevant. Stay
Some parts of the Greater Toronto Area could see up to 10 cm of snow by Saturday with the forecast calling for a potentially
More snow fell on the Toronto area on Saturday, making getting around a little treacherous. About five centimetres was expected
Toronto-area weather forecasters were taking it on the chin Friday after overnight forecasts called for snow that never came