tough on crime

SASKATOON - The president of the union that represents Canadian prison guards says they are not being properly trained to
WASHINGTON - A pair of newly released reports show two countries moving in opposite directions on law and order: Canada gearing
Immigration Minister Chris Alexander says the federal government has to continue working with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, but
CALGARY — Stephen Harper’s Conservative party’s policies are being attacked by an unlikely foe this weekend: corrections
OTTAWA - Criminals who are convicted of the worst crimes — such as multiple murders or sex assaults on children — could spend
TORONTO - Canada's prison guards are essentially being left to their own devices when it comes to treating inmates with basic
VANCOUVER - Federal tough-on-crime legislation puts vulnerable First Nations' communities at risk and could be exacerbating
The 10 year anniversary of "the war of our generation" has brought back from the shadows the actors of the momentous events of 2003. Even our current Prime Minister, has admitted publicly that he was wrong when he supported the idea of our military joining the USA into war. I just hope that he will not make yet another colossal mistake while in power.
MONTREAL - The windup of a federal program that was aimed at putting more cops on the street is threatening anti-gang squads
OTTAWA - Applications for criminal record suspensions, formerly known as pardons, have plummeted since the Conservative government