Trans-Pacific Partnership

Canada has a long history of building energy pipelines, but attitudes toward major energy pipeline projects have changed over time.
Some may argue that the world is a lot more complicated today, which is why we need more complicated trade deals, but this is simply false.
Never has there been a better time to rebrand Canada as the model for economic growth in this century.
Some of TPP's basic principles run counter to those of the new, Donald Trump-led U.S. administration.
The 11 remaining TPP economies are now expected to work toward signing the agreement by early March.
We should all welcome the federal government's announcement last week signalling that it wants to continue a mutually beneficial relationship with Boeing.
"Canada stands strongly as a country that is making a case for international trade that benefits everyone."
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a fundamentally flawed trade deal that puts much at risk in Canada, with little to offer Canada's economy in return.
Feds pushing for several "progressive" chapters.