trans rights

The author has gone on record saying she doesn't recognize transgender people.
Our government has a duty to protect the human rights of all people. Laws that seek to enshrine those rights and protect us from discrimination should be considered without hesitation. If enacted into law, Bill C-16 will protect some of the most marginalized people in Canada and so, it is with all our might that we need to support its passing.
"Nunavummiut who are transgender have the same right to live a full and productive life as anyone else in the territory, free of discrimination."
Lemieux promised to scrap the bill if he forms government.
"There is still a lot of work to do.''
The penultimate upgrade for humanity would be a perfect synthesis of human and machine -- superior to an entirely biological human, but possessing the same mind in this new hybridized frame. So what does this have to do with transgender people?
But one Tory MP said he's unlikely to change his mind.
Previous attempts at passing a transgender rights bill at the federal level have been unsuccessful.
"Some people fit into girl and boy, and some people don't. And that's OK, because they're still people."