Transgender rights

The Toronto-based company has signed a deal with WarnerMedia.
Trans educator says leadership hopeful resurrected a “disgusting” trope in an email blast.
News coverage of the speaker and Toronto Public Library failed to include trans voices in a meaningful way.
"This is unquestionably a serious and damaging form of discrimination."
"It's a horrible time for a lot of us. But this is a push for us to be even more resilient."
Parents set the tone for how courageous and safe their children feel.
The program has published eight magazines of women's stories.
The passage of Bill C-16, extending long overdue protections to transgender Canadians, gives us much to celebrate.
Laws can make a huge difference in the lives of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) youth and children -- and yes -- laws can even reduce the bullying they experience. Transgender youth experience bullying at much higher rates than their cisgender (non-transgender) peers.
We strongly urge all Senators to pass Bill C-16 without amendment. Because human rights must apply to everyone -- acceptance and inclusion is not reserved only for those who are like us. Trans and gender diverse people face discrimination, harassment and violence in many aspects of their lives.