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travel apps

Phone apps you need to download before you travel. From the AOL Partner Studio.
Travelling solo is my preferred way to go. I don't have to adjust myself to anyone else's sleep/wake schedule; I can eat wherever I want, whatever I want; I can go to any sites or shops I choose without worrying my companion might be bored; and I can make deeper connections with the locals. Travelling solo can be a lot of fun, and with technology's help, it's never been safer to do so.
Never fails. After every trip I get wind of some brand new smartphone app that would have made my life easier (or my suitcase lighter). Whether it's destination planning, sharing photos on-the-go, or allowing for a more fluid work flow, here are three amazing new apps you can use to improve life on the go.
As soon as you’ve finalized your trip, it’s time to hit the App Store and download some of these helpful programs. From currency
When you picture your dream trip abroad, you imagine taking in awe-inspiring sights, meeting friendly strangers, and enjoying
Between planning your flights, booking your hotel, finding food, and learning the local customs, travelling abroad and even domestically can be quite the hassle. Luckily, your journey can become a lot simpler (and much more fun!) by using some of these travel apps.
It’s ironic that planning a vacation, where unplugging from the stresses of everyday life is the goal, can be so stressful
It used to be that planning and going on a vacation was an entirely different process: meeting with a travel agent to discover
Whether you're trying to find new adventures on the West Coast, East Coast, or somewhere in between, there's an app for that. From parks and ski resorts to restaurants and theatres, your phone can become your one and only guide to being a tourist in your own city.