Trump tower

He put the blame on all protesters who were present in Charlottesville.
How many people, let alone a soon-to-be 71-year-old who has a three-story $100 million dollar penthouse in his own building, do you know that would want to put up daily with what Trump does? I can't imagine if Drumph had a choice of two doors, one his old life and one this one, he'd stay in the present.
The place rented out for $300 to $450 a night.
They won't be staying at Trump hotels, either.
What's next? Gucci earbuds for the Secret Service?
The president-elect said the two were "just friends" and that they talked about "life."
Quite simply, the values espoused by Donald Trump and his supporters do not align with the values that are held by the majority of Canadians -- and they certainly do not align with the values that are held by the vast majority of Vancouverites. Bottom line: there is no room for Trump in our city.
"Day made. It's the little things."
It's Trump vs. CNN, NBC, CBS, New York Times...
And yes, Donald Trump can be sued over it.