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Student debt in Canada has soared in recent years, highlighting growing concerns that post-secondary education in becoming
MONTREAL - Quebec's student strikes, which gained international attention in the spring, now face a pivotal week as students
In real dollars, Quebec's Premier paid less for his university education than Québec students do today. Now, he wants his generation of baby boomers to pay less in taxes. The result is robbery of the young to pay for the old. It is hard to see how students are the entitled ones in this scenario.
Earlier this week, over 1,000 students at Concordia University (population 30,000) took it upon themselves to declare a student strike. This is one more manifestation of a French-Canadian culture plagued by a grotesque sense of entitlement -- demanding their already rock-bottom tuition rates be lowered to zero -- that is economically illiterate to the point of self-parody.
MONTREAL - Student demonstrators temporarily blocked access to a Montreal bridge amid protests over tuition-fee hikes Thursday