The decrease in foreign students is a big part of the loss.
With the CESB coming to an end, the costs of school could prove to be too much for some students.
Strangely, the changes mean the federal government will also be spending less on Ontario students than it used to.
Growing up low-income, I too had to make the impossible decision between staggering debt and a better future.
We disrupted Queens Park in protest of Doug Ford's cuts to OSAP.
Fees would decrease by 10 per cent.
And several other options that are just as good.
The costs can soar. Believe me, I know — my third child is heading off to university in the fall.
Following Trump's executive order banning travellers from seven "Muslim-majority" countries, Canadian colleges and universities penned statements touting themselves as welcoming, inclusive and open. I for one am holding back my applause. This is an opportunistic marketing ploy to recruit international students as a source of revenue.
Kids can be really expensive.