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TORONTO - A new report says more Canadians are choosing to cancel their cable TV and satellite packages and there's no sign
Nearly one in 10 anglophone Canadians say they no longer watch any TV shows the old-fashioned way and only stream or download
TV ratings for NHL games are in free fall this season, and part of the reason appears to be viewers cutting their cable cords
TORONTO - Canadians spent a little less time channel surfing last year but still watched more TV content overall when accounting
TORONTO - Another new poll suggests so-called cord cutting may be growing in Canada. Nearly a quarter of the respondents
TORONTO - Canadian smartphone owners estimate they spend an average of nearly 90 per cent of their free time staring at one
TORONTO - About 16 per cent of Canadian adults said they no longer watch any conventional TV and strictly stream online content
Seven in ten Canadians with a smartphone, tablet or computer surf those devices while watching television, says a new survey
TORONTO - The average Canadian adult watches a whopping 30 hours of television a week, according to BBM Canada. Nathaniel
A growing number of Canadians may be ditching their cable and satellite services, but there are plenty of others to take