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Edmonton is showing other cities that it can be done, one professor says.
Former Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak's private member's bill would also allow new companies such as Rover, which
The bill now has to go to committee to be studied before it has a chance at becoming law.
On the same day that Uber announced a major expansion of its UberX ride service in Ontario, a Toronto-area cabbie has launched
An Ontario Superior Court judge ruled Friday that popular ride-sharing service Uber is not breaking Toronto's taxi laws. Uber and its many fans are rejoicing. Toronto's taxi industry, unusually united from drivers to owners to brokerages, is fuming. And city officials are likely conferring behind closed doors to plot a path forward. Doing nothing seems an unlikely option. I'm not a lawyer, but having worked a while at City Hall, I expect this leaves the city with three basic choices.
In Montreal, some cab drivers have signed up to be Uber drivers to make some extra cash on the side. According to a group