uber toronto

The company will invest more than $200 million over the next five years.
"Toronto has emerged as an important hub of artificial intelligence research ..."
The change is the result of a new bylaw that is meant to encourage "increased competition and innovation'' in the ground transportation industry.
Uber thanks Toronto for "embracing ride sharing."
Dear Toronto City Councillor: You and your colleagues in City Council will soon decide the future of Uber in Toronto. Before making up your mind to ban a service that represents an emerging economic reality, I urge you to consider regulation -- and to consider it quickly.
The ride-sharing service is unhappy with rules that may pass next month.
Uber drivers won't like the proposed $20,000 entry fee.
Across Canada, our elected leaders are rewriting laws to accommodate Uber, while largely refusing to act when it or its drivers break the law. In no other industry would it be acceptable for a company to continue breaking the law while the government fiddles.
Edmonton is showing other cities that it can be done, one professor says.
“If drivers aren’t busier, prices will go back up again.”