The change is the result of a new bylaw that is meant to encourage "increased competition and innovation'' in the ground transportation industry.
He also says that Uber steals money from the state.
Why is it when I get into an UberX car, the driver rarely knows which way to go? For those who have spent more than enough time being carted around by UberX, I can confidently say that you've likely found yourself in a navigational nightmare at least once (more so with a rideshare).
Attention turns once again to the safety of Uber passengers.
UberX driver believes egg-wielding men were taxi drivers.
Across Canada, our elected leaders are rewriting laws to accommodate Uber, while largely refusing to act when it or its drivers break the law. In no other industry would it be acceptable for a company to continue breaking the law while the government fiddles.
Only one in six support a ban on Uber.
Taxi group says it won't blockade hospitals or bridges.
Ready to pursue a lawsuit if Uber refuses.
During busy times, like New Year's Eve, the ride-hailing service hikes fares to draw more drivers to areas where demand is