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Ujjal Dosanjh

It's a bitter truth that laws are rarely respected when asserted on behalf of the "wrong" people, whether Sikh or Tamil.
International newspapers are reporting Trudeau's trip has gone awry.
No matter how one viewed the political fundraising that is fast becoming an albatross around my political party's neck, one would have thought that House of Commons is definitely the place to talk about it. The people's business belongs and can be discussed -- must be discussed -- in the People's House.
His thesis simply doesn't hold up -- and it ignores the valuable contributions being made by non-white commentators.
"I love Baby Trudeau, but he says, 'We're going to fix this.' When?"
From our own Canadian experience of a Zehaf-Bibeau, Martin Rouleau, the VIA rail terror plot and the Toronto 18, it is clear to me we may be safer than France perhaps, but not completely immune to an ISIS driven attack upon us.
Ujjal Dosanjh is asking what it means to stand with France in the wake of the "carnage" in Paris.
Former BC NDP premier and federal Liberal cabinet minister Ujjal Dosanjh is calling on the federal government to implement
"The reality is that young people today have easier access to marijuana than to alcohol and tobacco. That should be the core of the conversation right now."
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg More and more, it's appearing the provincial New Democrats simply possess no real base beyond the narrow confines of what we might call "NDP World" -- militant union bosses, anti-everything eco-extremists, dogmatic staffers of the inner-city charity-industrial complex and out-of-touch professors in fringe faculties.