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But that could be good news for indebted households.
Economic growth in non-oil provinces is heating up.
Calgary sees strongest job growth of any major city Toronto's job market 'smokin'' But experts question accuracy of jobs
We’re all used to hearing about Alberta being the place in Canada to find work, but here’s something we’re not used to hearing
Canada’s labour market continues to disappoint. The country created almost no net new jobs in July, StatsCan reported Friday
The foundations of Ontario’s job market are turning into quicksand that threatens to swallow the province’s economic future
Hey Ontario, stop being such a bummer. You’re dragging down the rest of us. That’s the gist of the message coming from the
TORONTO - Finance Minister Charles Sousa will release a long term economic report Wednesday that shows Ontario's economy
Ontario’s job market is shifting away from full-time, permanent work and towards part-time and temporary work, and middle
There are fewer jobs on offer in Canada and more people looking to fill them, according to data released Tuesday. StatsCan’s