United Kingdom

Some countries are doing it faster, others are doing it differently — and there are lessons to be learned.
On Friday, Kenney said top aide Jamie Huckabay returned on Boxing Day via the U.S.
The U.K. superfan says he’s not in a huge rush to change it back.
The new strain first identified in the U.K. has now been found in Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Australia and the Netherlands.
CEO Ugur Sahin said that the proteins on the UK variant are 99% the same as on the prevailing strains.
“We’re landlocked on this island, and it’s lots of Canadians who are affected.”
Canada has halted flights from the United Kingdom in response to the highly contagious new strain.
The move comes into effect at 12:01 a.m. Monday.
Opposition MPs in Canada’s Parliament have also criticized clipped debates.
The British PM is said to be in "good spirits" in intensive care.