United Nations

Canada was one of the few countries to continue taking emergency refugees.
Conservatives are demanding Freeland apologize for remarks after a UN vote last week.
There's a gap between what Justin Trudeau's Liberals say and what they do.
The organization defines modern slavery “as the systematic removal of a person’s freedom, where one person is exploited by another for personal or financial gain."
“It was a tough discussion with the Russians. They were not happy with us. But they have to know where you stand."
He argued in a UN speech that COVID-19 is a "wake-up call."
The former Ontario premier most recently served as the country's special envoy for humanitarian and immigration issues.
Delayed campaign hurt Canada’s chances against Ireland and Norway, he says.
In a contest against Ireland and Norway, Canada came out empty-handed.
A letter to small island nations urges them to demand climate action.