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The U.S. decision on Keystone XL is expected to come up on Friday.
From what time Joe Biden becomes president to where Donald Trump will be, here’s what you should know.
The late Canadian "Jeopardy!" host is part of a wide-ranging list of figures.
The negotiations do not appear to be part of a larger deal with Huawei, which was hit with additional charges in the case in February.
Six weeks after Canadian Thanksgiving, we’re seeing more COVID-19 cases than ever before.
And the majority of Canadians surveyed want the border closed until at least the spring.
Her step-kids call her “Momala.”
The U.S. is in "crippling political paralysis" because it doesn't have a central elections administrator like Elections Canada.
Americans are also more likely to think the pandemic is “overblown,” says a new Angus Reid poll.
“If Trump wins again, I’m moving to B.C.,” one Canadian said.