universal basic income

The prime minister said in December that basic income was something he didn’t see a path to move forward on at the time.
He says it would help achieve the Christian ideal of no workers without rights.
It's seen as a way to tackle poverty with the rise of automation.
The biggest impacts were on participants' health and stress levels.
Anti-poverty advocates went to the Ontario legislature to urge the government not to cancel the program.
More than 40 per cent of jobs could be wiped out in next 10 to 20 years, on par with what happened during the Great Recession.
The cost of implementing a basic income program through government transfers would be significant -- but the indirect costs of poverty, for example, in increased use of health care, remedial education, crime, social programs and lost productivity, are immense.
British Columbia could soon be the second Canadian province to try out a basic income.
"A basic income, no matter what."
Finance Minister Bill Morneau says a basic income is not something the federal government is looking at.