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universal health care

The judge wrote that lawyers failed to provide evidence that patients’ constitutional rights are being violated.
It's "ludicrous," new dad Dave Mosher wrote in a now-viral tweet.
Canadians pay some of the world's highest prescription drug prices, said the U.S. senator.
Why should a corporation try to make a profit on someone's misery and misfortune?
The Fraser Institute has annually surveyed specialist physicians across Canada to estimate how long patients wait for treatment. Our latest survey found that in 2016, overall, patients were waiting 20 weeks between referral to treatment - the longest wait in our survey's history and 115 per cent longer than in 1993.
Pfizer has been the subject of controversies relating to its pricing and tax practices.
Researchers on both sides of the border are trying to figure out why there's such a dramatic survival gap between the two countries.
Canadians aged 55 and older were the second most likely among comparable countries to stop filling their prescriptions in 2014 because of cost.
Understandably, prescription drug coverage only becomes a concern for many individuals when they can't access the drugs they need because of cost. If you haven't personally experienced problems with drug coverage, there is a high probability that your child, friend or loved one has.
Shorter waits for hip-fracture repair, and eight out of 10 Canadians receiving "priority procedures" within government-defined benchmarks. Sounds pretty good, right? However, these highlights from the Canadian Institute of Healthcare Information's annual update of Wait Times for Priority Procedures in Canada are little more than feel-good distractions from the real story.