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US border

It will be welcome news for Canadian employees and investors of cannabis businesses.
The border is heating up to be a Canadian election issue.
Many more of our southern neighbours are dreaming about the big move than in years past.
Entering the country for "business purposes" can earn you a lifetime ban, but it's unclear exactly what that includes.
The plan will do nothing to address the inadmissibility of individuals to the U.S. who were convicted of marijuana possession prior to legalization.
It's on companies to inform their workforce that marijuana's legalization at home will only offer them limited protection.
As asylum seekers from the U.S. head north, it may be a good time to fact-check whether these are illegal border crossers after all.
Records of your legal purchases or weed-related employment history may reach the border long before you do.
He's been blaming the immigration crisis on Democrats.
Bill 17 is likely to be successfully challenged in court. It creates impossible burdens, shifts the onus and fails completely to address the problem.