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The United States and Canada do not allow for full competition, but Americans benefit from a bigger market given their much larger population. Thus, a continental market in airline travel would serve passengers if an American airline could compete head-to-head with Canadian airlines on domestic routes. But the federal government won't allow it. The result? Higher airline fares in Canada.
TORONTO — Canada's competition bureau is getting new powers to investigate why many items cost less in the United States
The federal government is poised to introduce legislation in the fall to try to narrow the consumer price gap between Canada
Canadians have long paid more for gas than Americans, but the difference today is the greatest it’s ever been, according
Canadian shoppers who are shocked at how much more they pay for goods up north should point a finger at Ottawa if they're
We’re all used to seeing those tags on book covers that announce one (lower) price for a book in the U.S., next to a higher
Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is tabling the 2014 budget this afternoon. It'll be his 10th budget for the federal
What we know about Tuesday’s federal budget: it’s going to crack down on charities, tackle price gaps between Canada and
When Finance Minister Jim Flaherty introduces the federal budget tomorrow, it will be just over a year since the Senate national
The plunging loonie has all but eroded the U.S.’s price advantage on Canada, and cross-border shopping barely makes sense